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A community for girls who are showing up for themselves, their goals and now each other!
Events designed to help you meet your new gym besties and get comfy in the gym!

The Founding Story:

In 2022 I wanted to test if fitness could positively impact my mental health. 

I signed up for a gym and was completely intimidated by it!!

I forced myself to show up through the discomfort and ended up LOVING my daily trips to the gym. 

It shouldn't be as hard as it is to move your body and I never want anyone to feel as unwelcome as I did when I started the gym.  

So I founded She Shows Up!

Since launch we've had overwhelmingly positive feedback, selling out events and creating the environment for genuine friendships to start.

This year we are launching 10 new cities to bring the benefits of fitness and a supportive environment to girls globally! 

By The Numbers:


cities launched


cities launching 2024

Get to know the team!

Meet the team

EVERY event is hosted by a She Shows Up City Lead

These girls are all She Shows Up Certified to Show Up for you in the only way we know how - 100%!!

If you have any pre-event nerves or on the day questions these are your go to girls. 

Rebecca Marie


I created She Shows Up a year and a half into my gym journey. I saw too many of my friends who were too intimidated to get into the gym and too many dudes who were immediately gym bros after training at the same time once or twice. 

I want us to have community, I want us to feel confident with fitness and I want us to Show Up for ourselves and eachother!!

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Poppy Kietzmann


One of my biggest fears growing up was exercise. I feel like I never had the opportunity to get involved apart from high school P.E class which wasn't very inclusive. It was like you had to be the cool & sporty kid to succeed. Two years ago I decided to fight that fear and go to the gym. If I hated it, at least I know I tried. Turns out I fell in love with it.


Now I am a part of She Shows Up, I can help women who were in my shoes just starting at the gym. I love being able to help guide you girls in such a safe and supportive environment!

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